Current Events

d6 Magazine
We are underway, working on wrapping up the latest d6 Magazine, Issue 6. It should be in a releaseable form in the coming week or so. We are making some final adjustments and tweaks to layout, and giving it a once over before sending it off to the masses.


We are working on some new short-order content that we’re keeping under wraps until its ready for release. It will be all new, original adventure supplement for Westward. It should help tide you over for a little while.

Starfighter Logo

Our newest game, Starfighter is now underway and in early writing phases. From our perspective, it is a major re-engineering of the game mechanics. Starfighter is a science-fiction action adventure RPG set in a distant future. It will play heavy handedly with original fiction, lots of revised OpenD6 content rules, with an emphasis on the things OpenD6 excels at: cinematic action gameplay.
The plan for Starfighter is ambitious. It centers on developing an original Universe and setting with lots of playable races, starships, worlds, and unique story elements to take you anywhere. The technology of Starfighter is wide ranging and includes a vast array that should appease all your science fiction senses.
Starfighter reimagines the distant future where Humanity is an orphaned race among the stars. As competition occurs for territory and resources, the Universe gets crowded and feuds between Sectors become common. Starfighters play a more pivotal role in the very outcome of the Universe as a mysterious beacon broadcasts and no one knows its true purpose.
Take part in this epic story that spans galaxies and decide the fate of stars and worlds.

Check out Breachworld, another new OpenD6 RPG!