Kickstarter Update 12/4/2012


Today I wanted to discuss the fact that we are moving along with the development of Westward.  We are currently lining up editors, getting some filler writing done.  More art is trickling in as we find holes to fill in the content.

This past week we added in Automatons into the Technology section.  It will only be a handful, but we are certain these few will help you and your companions on their travels across the badlands.

You can check in here anytime to download the Westward Character Sheets, available directly from Dropbox.

You should be able to pull directly from this public link.  If you have any issues at all, contact us:

Dice Status

All the dice are in production now.

The Wild Dice
As we originally promised a Wild Die to our higher Kickstarter pledge backers, those dice are in the production pipeline.  We are using Crystal Caste to get the Wild Dice produced.

The Wild Dice are Black 16mm dice with custom designs on all six faces.

The 6-dice 12-dice Sets (Stretch Goal)

This got moved around so much, we had a hard time keeping track of what was happening in house.  We finally found someone to produce these dice again, and we will be able to stick to the 12 dice we originally promised as part of the Stretch Goal.

As you can see from the prototype photos of these, we had to make some modifications to the design a bit for visiblity.

The 12 dice sets include 12 Aluminum-Nickel 16mm dice with custom design on all six faces, the designs are silk-screened onto the Nickel-Aluminum surface.

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