Starfighter – A Science Fiction Role Playing Experience


StarfighterFrontCoverAs interstellar war looms on the horizon, criminal syndicates and governments alike race to control space. Independent starfighter and starship pilots take on important roles as the fate of the universe depends on what they do next. Take on your role in fulfilling the destiny of the universe.
Starfighter is an exciting, expansive science fiction game setting spanning galaxies with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. Play as one of many races, stay independent or align with one of the Sectors, explore the uncharted, free space or the depths of a city-world, or conquer worlds and more! All of this is possible within the universe behind Starfighter. Experience a true Science Fiction Saga for the first time, all over again. Be the one who changes the universe, forever.

  • For 3 or more players, playable in 30 minutes.
  • Coming┬áto in Fall 2014!

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