Basic Features of My Story: Choose Your Own Path!

my story game features

If you like to play simulation games then you must like the creation of Nanobit known as My Store: Choose Your Own Path. Lets check out these amazing features of my story choose your own path game.

Now you can easily start playing this amazing game that will allow you to enjoy the gameplay always. As the game is related to the stories, so you will find different kinds of features that will really seek your attention and push you to play it.

Basically, once you start opening the story then it will automatically allow you to complete various kinds of activities. In this article, I am going to share some features of this great game.

Features That Will Seek Your Attention!

Only smart features of game called My Store: Choose Your Own Path will definitely seek your attention for playing this amazing gameplay.

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Here Are Some Great Features That Are Explained In the Following Points –

  1. To commence with the deciding what will happen so now whatever you choose will determine how well you get with your all the friends and how famous you are or who is going to fall in love with. In short, everything is depends on the need of the player.
  2. Now it is possible to create the look by personalizing the characters, so simply choose the stunning outfit and other amazing hairstyle. Instead of this, you can easily dress to express yourself.
  3. There would be lots of stories that are waiting for you. Therefore, what is your favorite genre, is it romantic, Comedy, drama, My Story has it all.
  4. According to the players, it is very amazing to check out the different kinds of lives. Now you can easily experience college drama, be an aspiring movie star, a rich heiress.

Well, as we have already mentioned all the great features about the My Store: Choose Your Own Path, so you will really enjoy the game itself.


Diamonds considered as the most important or premium currency of the game that is possible to use for unlocking the stories.

Therefore, you should simply start collecting these amazing diamonds that will allow you to enjoy the great option so get ready to take its advantage today. Have a look at this amazing site called which has lots of amazing ways mentioned to earn diamonds.

Not only this, you can easily read the reviews online that will allow you to enjoy amazing gameplay. You have to work hard to collect the currencies that would be best for you so get ready to start taking its great advantages. Instead of the diamonds many other currencies that you, so check it out.

Bottom Lines

At the time of customization of the characters, you should simply check out everything about the outfits and many other things because it will automatically allow you to enjoy wisely.

Not only this, you may need to buy the premium currency for getting better outcomes, so simply start working on its great outcomes that would be really valuable for you.

Nevertheless, people should simply check outfits that will give you great outcomes so check out for enjoying always, which would be best for you.

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