Choices Stories You Play Review – Major Things to Know

choices stories you play review

This choices stories you play review will let you understand each and every game aspect that is important for you to play this game.
Mobile gaming industry is so big and in the gaming industry apart from shooting, action, puzzle many more types of games are available that players love to play.
Mobile gaming industry has grown so big, and there every kind of player can be found. Some players prefer to play action games, some love puzzle games.
Among all these things, there are some those players also available that love to read books, and they find games related to this as well.
Choices Stories You Play is one of those mobile games where players can read stories and can play the stories as well in their mobile devices.
It’s a simulation category of game, and in this thousands of chapters are available that players can read and play.
Every chapter that available in the game is unique and based on real-life situations. So many players play it, and there are many more things in the game that players need to know, and these things are written below:

Choices Stories You Play Review: Things That Players Can Do

Players Can Switch the Chapter

In the game, thousands of stories are available, but at the beginning of the game, players have to choose one story among three.
At that time, players just have three options to choose one, but sometimes players don’t want to read any of the stories among them.

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So in that situation, players can switch the story after entering the story, and it is an easy process.
Players just have to press the home button, and after that, gamers can choose any story they want. After completing the story, players can earn the diamond, which is a major currency of the game.

Get the Keys to Unlock the Chapters

In the several kinds of stories and chapters are available, and in order to read the stories, players have to need the keys. Keys will help players to unlock the stories, and then gamers can read the stories.

You can earn keys by spending more and more time in the game. However, there are lots of unknow tasks that can also earn you free keys and those are well discussed on website that you should read.
In the game, players require at least three keys, and after players only have left two keys, then the timer starts that will provide the key after three hours.
Every player does this, and it is really a great way to earn the key, and from these, players can read any story they want.

Players Can Not Play Any Chapter Again

As I mentioned above that in the game, players could choose any chapter to play after choosing one story in the beginning.
There is one more thing that every player should know, and it is that players can not repeat the same chapter in the game. Player can only play every chapter once.
After completing the story, the player will earn diamonds, and there is no chance that players can earn twice from the same story, and that is why players just have one chance to complete the chapter.

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